What the fuck, fundies?
Fundie: “Yeah, we’re pretty much full of shit”


You know how the fundies have been saying that if laws are passed protecting the rights of trans people, men will dress up in women’s clothing and enter the sacred temple of the Woamn’s Room to rape your daughters? Well, even they know it’s bullshit:

Wright couldn’t point to places that have counted increases in sexual offenses because of such laws, but she said such data is beside the point.

“It doesn’t go back to numbers,” Wright said. “It goes back to the issue that people will have legal rights that will trump other people’s rights. The right of a woman or a girl to feel safe in a fitting room, a locker, a restroom, their rights will be trumped by a person who is claiming their sexual orientation right has legal protection.”

Translation: Stop worrying about the facts and BE SCARED, already!


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