What the fuck, fundies?
Fake scientists and bad science
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A group called the “American College of Pediatrics” has started sending out letters to school superintendents recommending they not teach kids about being gay, because kids are young and stupid and most of them grow out of being gay. Well, that’s one of the nicer things they said, at least. The web site they tell the supers to visit says some much less kind things.

If you’re new to all this, you should know that these are standard claims that have already been thoroughly debunked, trotted out by hucksters hiding behind misleading names anytime they want some more press. So no, telling kids it’s okay to be gay is not going to lead to them catching AIDS at 16 after sucking off 32 men at a circuit party. That’s a myth, created by the Right so they’d have something to fap to scare whitebread suburban parents with.

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